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UBP Lux UBAM Emerging Market Debt Opportunities
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Räntefonder 174,76 USD 13,34 % ej betygsatt Jämför Köp

Utveckling och avkastning

  • 13,34%
    i år
  • -0,43%
    1 vecka
  • 1,87%
    1 mån
  • 3,66%
    3 mån
  • 13,52 %
    6 mån
  • 13,85%
    1 år
  • 25,93%
    3 år
  • 54,98%
    5 år
  • 109,12 %
    10 år

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The Fund seeks to grow your capital and generate income primarily by investing in emerging markets bonds.It is an actively managed, well diversified porfolio mainly made up of securities denominated in US Dollars.The Fund may invest up to: - 100% of its net assets in Emerging markets - 100% of its net assets in High yield - 20% of its net assets in EquityHigh yield bonds are issued by companies whose business is more sensitive to the economic cycle and pay higher interest. The return on such securities, in the same way as their level of risk, is therefore higher than traditional bond products.To achieve its aims the Fund invests in bonds issued by emerging markets governments and companies. Some of the issuers may be considered high-quality, with a low risk of defaulting on their interest payments, while other issuers are companies or governements that may be considered at higher risk. The Fund can also use complex derivatives, primarily to hedge risks.The Fund's value is calculated and expressed in US Dollars.The currency risk in relation to the base currency USD is not hedged.Investors in the Fund can redeem their units on any business day in Luxembourg, although we recommend a holding period of at least three years.Any income received by the Fund is reinvested (capitalisation share class).

Fondens startår: 2006-02-21 Fondens Bolag: UBP Lux FondStorlek: 55,68 milj USD