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JPMorgan JPM Global Corporate Bond Fund SEK (Hedged)
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Räntefonder 108,98 SEK 4,35 % Jämför Köp

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  • 4,35%
    i år
  • 0,15%
    1 vecka
  • 1,30%
    1 mån
  • 3,75%
    3 mån
  • 3,62 %
    6 mån
  • 1,37%
    1 år
  • 2,41%
    3 år
  • 8,31%
    5 år
  • -
    10 år

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Investment Objective To achieve a return in excess of global corporate bond markets by investing primarily in global investment grade corporate debt securities, using derivatives where appropriate. Investment approach Uses a globally integrated research driven investment process that focuses on analysing fundamental, quantitative and technical factors across countries, sectors and issuers.Approaches corporate bond Investing by focusing on generating returns primarily through credit sector rotation and security selection across the global corporate bond universe. Main investment exposure At least 67% of assets invested, either directly or through derivatives, in investment grade corporate debt securities from issuers anywhere in the world, including emerging markets.The Sub-Fund may also invest global debt securities issued by governments excluding supranationals, local governments and agencies and may invest in below investment grade and unrated debt securities to a limited extent. Other investment exposures Up to 5% in contingent convertible bonds. Derivatives Used for: investment purposes; efficient portfolio management; hedging. Types: see Sub-Fund Derivatives Usage table under How the Sub-Funds Use Derivatives, Instruments and Techniques in the Prospectus. TRS including CFD: none. Global exposure calculation method: relative VaR. Expected level of leverage from derivatives: 75% indicative only. Leverage may significantly exceed this level from time to time.

Fondens startår: 2009-02-27 Fondens Bolag: JPMorgan FondStorlek: 3676,33 milj USD