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Amundi Luxembourg Amundi Funds Equity Japan Target
Kategori Kurs Avkastning i år Risk Betyg
Japanfonder 19916,43 JPY 12,10 % Jämför Köp

Utveckling och avkastning

  • 12,10%
    i år
  • -2,49%
    1 vecka
  • -2,33%
    1 mån
  • 0,53%
    3 mån
  • 3,12 %
    6 mån
  • -7,03%
    1 år
  • 37,96%
    3 år
  • 80,56%
    5 år
  • -
    10 år

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The objective of the Sub-Fund is to seek long-term capital growth by investing at least 67% of its total assets in shares of Japanese companies that are undervalued (i.e. companies whose stock market prices seem lower than their asset value and/or earning potential) or being in a turnaround situation (i.e. where the minimally accepted performance is long-lasting below its limits and where change of direction, strategy or a general change of the ways of working needs to be implemented) and listed on a Japanese market. The Sub-Fund may invest in financial derivative instruments for hedging purpose and for the purpose of efficient portfolio management. The Topix (RI) index represents the reference indicator of the Sub-Fund. The Sub-Fund does not aim to replicate the reference indicator and may therefore significantly deviate from it. The accumulation share automatically retains, and re-invests, net investment incomes within the Sub-Fund when the distribution share pays dividends in September of each year. The minimum recommended holding term is 5 years. Shares may be sold or redeemed (and/or converted) on any dealing day (except otherwise stated in the prospectus) at the respective dealing price (net asset value) in accordance with the articles of incorporation. Further details are provided in the prospectus of the UCITS.

Fondens startår: 2011-06-24 Fondens Bolag: Amundi Luxembourg FondStorlek: 22118,88 milj JPY