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Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity Fund
Kategori Kurs Avkastning i år Risk Betyg
Globalfonder 76,60 USD 28,55 % Jämför Köp

Utveckling och avkastning

  • 28,55%
    i år
  • -2,16%
    1 vecka
  • 0,65%
    1 mån
  • 8,84%
    3 mån
  • 24,12 %
    6 mån
  • 9,19%
    1 år
  • 93,58%
    3 år
  • 203,23%
    5 år
  • -
    10 år

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Objective: Long term growth of your investment. Main Investments: Company shares. At least 70% of the fund's investments. Investment Policy: Companies, located anywhere in the world, that the investment adviser believes have sustainable competitive advantages and are undervalued at the time of investment. The fund takes into consideration environmental, social, and governance factors in its investment process. Other Information: The fund may also invest a portion of its assets in companies which don't meet the above criteria. The Fund may invest in derivatives, financial instruments which take their value indirectly from other assets. They rely on other companies to fulfill contractual obligations and carry more risk. Refer to the prospectus ('Use of Derivatives' section) for more details. Income will be included in the value of your shares. The fund may also invest part of its assets in other investments, which seek to generate a similar return to company shares without direct ownership of the company. Buying and selling shares: Investors may buy and sell shares on any Luxembourg business day.

Fondens startår: 2010-11-30 Fondens Bolag: Morgan Stanley FondStorlek: 7632,90 milj USD